PepRally is the studio of Brooklyn based director, designer, and illustrator, Erica Gorochow.
We’re nimble, selective and focused on making high quality work for brands, networks, agencies and startups. In addition to client work, the office produces projects internally to continue exploring new technologies, techniques and ideas.
Say Hello:
Brooklyn, NY
☎ +1.347.788.1051


    Design + Motion for
    Screens of all Sizes:
    Illustration, Animation
    Branding, UI Prototyping,
    Ads, Titles, Gifs, Short Films


    Creative Works: Motion Design Seminar (April 2019)
    Ringling: Future Proof Conference (March 2019)
    Etsy: Workshop on Protoyping (Dec 2017)
    Blend Fest (May 2017)
    Etsy: Design Family Hour (April 2017)
    Disney TV Studios (Feb 2016)
    Google Span NYC (Oct 2015)
    Creative Works: Memphis (Oct 2015)
    Moveable Play (Oct 2015)
    Two5Six (May 2015)