Patriot Act with Hasan Minaj: Graphic Bible for Pilot

Patriot Act with Hasan Minaj is a weekly show that slices through global politics and culture with the help of an all-encompassing LED backdrop. Or as Hasan puts it, “it’s like Michael Bay made a powerpoint.” The stage’s graphics were designed to be a modern visual orchestra, with Hasan playing maestro. Prior to the premiere, Slanted Studios and PepRally worked to establish the show’s overall look and feel. The bottom clips are from the final product. In 2019, the show won an Emmy Award for outstanding motion design.

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Our main end deliverable was a massive deck that laid out the overall graphics vision for the show. The graphics bible served as a roadmap for both Netflix and the eventual show staff. We dubbed the visual system, “Microfiche” — an ode to the investigative nature of the show. The selects below are just a sample of the overall bible, which were designed against a work-in-progress version of the pilot episode. Our goal was to make the stage feel dimensional, dramatic and all encompassing. At the same time, the graphics had to be designed with flexibility in mind to account for the weekly churn of the show’s schedule. One of the biggest biggest challenges was how to demonstrate taking advantage of the highly custom, four sided stage.


Sample Guides for hypothetical, future episodes


Early style frames that evolved into the eventual Microfiche look

Patriot Act: Graphics Show Bible
Slanted Studios x PepRally
Creative Direction: Erica Gorochow
ECD: Michelle Higa Fox
Producer: Jennifer Vance
Design and Animation: Erica Gorochow, Phil Sierzega, Michele Graphieti, Jerry Liu, Eddie Song, Christopher Mennuto, Brendan Roche, Stephanie Swart
Design Exploration: Tony Zagoraios, Elliot Blanchard, Erin Kilkenny, Guillaume Combeaud, Michael Batista
Coding: Beau Burrows
Special Thanks: David Hobizal, Sissy Emmons Hobizal

Client: Netflix / Art & Industry
Co-Creator/Host: Hasan Minaj
Co-Creator/Head Writer: Prashanth Venkataramanujam
Consulting Creative Director: Sam Spratt

Patriot Act - Graphics Staff (Season One)
Creative Director: Michelle Higa Fox
Design Director: Jorge L. Peschiera
Head of Animation: Yussef Cole
Animators: Paris London Glickman, Brandon Sugiyama, Dorca Musseb, Ryan Mauskopf, Alex Pope, Lizzi Stuart, Tynesha Foreman, Apollo Baldoz
Additional Animation: Rachael Park, James Zanoni, Andrew Macfarlane, Elliot Blanchard, Shuhan Teoh
GFX Coordinator: Riaan Weyers
GFX Production Assistant: John Hughes

Opening Titles: Elastic