Motionographer: Join Us

Launch video for Motionographer’s 10 year celebration and Patreon campaign.

It’s hard to say where the field of motion design would be without Justin Cone and Motionographer. So when he asked us to make a video that celebrated a decade of design coverage, saying yes was a no-brainer. Together with good friends and neighbors, Slanted Studios, we flexed our character muscles and captured the artistic diversity that defines our field.

PepRally x Slanted Studios
Directed by: Erica Gorochow and Michelle Higa Fox
Producer: Jennifer Vance
Design/Illustration: Erica Gorochow
Animation: Ana Kim and Tynesha Foreman
Additional Animation: Yussef Cole
Music and Sound Design: StudioKamp
Voice Over: Justin Cone

Special Thanks: Gabriel Pulecio, Erin Kilkenny and Dan Savage