MoMA: Motion Brand Guidelines

How does one of the world’s premiere art museums move? When The Museum of Modern Art updated their design system, they knew much of their design would live on screens around New York, in our pockets, and even in the museum itself. Working directly with MoMA’s in-house Design Studio along with Order, who lead design and system project overall, we established and codified motion across the new system.


subway photograph courtesy of Order


Behind the Scenes

We built motion so the vast majority of it was driven by the camera and spatial layout. This helped to insure consistency and authentic parallax across the entire system. Our final deliverable was not only the animation guidelines, but also After Effects kits that featured several of these motion rigs, such that future designers could easily swap elements and type.

Animation Direction, Additional Design: Erica Gorochow
Animation: Terra Henderson, Erica Gorochow
Production: Kathryn Henderson, Jennifer Vance

Design Direction: Order
Partner-in-charge: Jesse Reed
Project team: Hamish Smyth (Partner), Nicholas Stover (Designer)

Director/Filmmaker for Exhibition Trailers: Joe Cohen

Client: MoMA
Client leads: Rob Giampietro (Director of Design), Rob Baker (Director of Marketing and Creative Strategy), Rebecca Stokes (Director of Marketing Campaigns and Audience Engagement)
Client team: Damien Saatdjian (Art Director), Eline Mul (Art Director), Sean Yetter (Video Producer), Melanie Conrad (Design Operations), MoMA Design Studio staff