About the studio:
PepRally is a creative studio specializing in illustration-based motion design for established and emerging screens. We’re small, selective and focused on making high quality work for brands, networks, agencies and startups. In addition to client work, the office produces projects internally to continue exploring new technologies, techniques and ideas.  

In 2014, PepRally became an inaugural member of NEW INC, the first museum-led incubator.


About Erica Gorochow:
PepRally is led by Erica Gorochow who honed her craft as a freelancer in New York. She’s worked with clients such as VH1, P&G and Red Bull as well as musicians including Rihanna and Mac Miller. Her work has been recognized by the likes of the Vimeo Festival, Fast Co. Design and AdWeek. Additionally, she has written about the world of motion design for The Creators Project and Motionographer and was an adjunct professor at NYU’s ITP graduate program.

Two5Six: May 2015
Creative Works Conference: October 2015
Moveable Play: October 2015
Google Span: October 2015